The Causeway coast discovery centre

We specialise in experiential Irish tourism to help bring your onward journey through Ireland to life.

The Causeway Coast Discovery Centre specialises in experiential Irish tourism and offers opportunities to delve into Irish culture, heritage and history through a range of workshops built on their own unique brand of tourism. The aim of this unique brand is to immerse visitors in the local community and culture by offering authentic experiences where they can meet local people and enjoy traditional hospitality.


Groups can create their own package from our range of workshops listed below:

All options can be tailored to suit all sizes of groups and timescales whether you have an hour to spend or the full day.

Language Workshop

Allow our fluent Irish speakers to teach you a few words in our native Irish tongue. Irish, or Gaeilge, as it is commonly known is the language of our ancestors and is still used in many areas of Ireland today. Learn about our distinct accents here on the Causeway Coast and see how it has been influenced by the Irish, the Scottish and the English language to form what we know as the Ulster Scots dialect.

Irish Dance Workshop

Our local Irish dancers are World Champions and after letting them mesmerise you with their skills at the start of our workshops, you will understand why. Allow them to showcase the wide array of traditional and more contemporary Irish dances before learning a few steps for yourselves guaranteed to impress.

Traditional Music Workshop

Enjoy a traditional Irish music workshop with renowned local musician whose grasp of Trad music is second to none. Let them entertain you with their vast array of instruments from the well known to the slightly obscure. Then its time to get stuck in yourselves and learn a few notes on the traditional tin whistle or a few beats of the b├│dhran.

Scots/Irish genealogy Workshop

This really is an intriguing offering for your group. Our experts will take the family names and crests of the group and use their knowledge and their grasp of history and the Gaeilge language to help you find out more about your name and its connection to our land.

Traditional crafts Workshop

Our traditional crafts workshops focus on the arts of St Brigid cross making, turf cutting and sheep dog demonstrations. The experiences are immersive in nature and give a real insight into quintessential Irish life.

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