Irish livestock sale & farming immersion

An authentic immersion into Irish agricultural life

An authentic immersion into a local livestock market, this is an unparalleled experience of Ireland’s intimate relationship with agriculture. Farming has long played a central role in Irish culture and our economy, with the significance of this industry remaining today. The livestock market is renowned for being a bustling and lively affair; a hub of activity and, indeed, a key social feature of the rural Irish communities.

On this tour you will meet local farmers who are the custodians and managers of this beautiful environment whose families have traditionally been here for generations. Hear their views on environmental issues, the food chain, life style and current affairs in the hub of this local farming community while also enjoying stories of their travel experiences.

While at the market after a short lesson in valuation and bidding, we will arrange for you to get the opportunity to be genuinely videoed bidding for Irish livestock, but don’t worry you won’t have to bring them home with you, with our skills we will ensure you are the under-bidder and if under your hosts instructions your bidding delivers animals at good value your host will be happy to take ownership of the livestock unless you are so impressed with the quality of the livestock that you really want to export some for yourself!

Enjoy wandering through and perusing the animals on sale for the day, ambling among the pens and speaking to the farmers who have gathered, hoping to sell, buy or just enjoy a day out.You will hear the distinctive, lightning-tongued Irish auctioneer and watch the competitive bids ricochet back and forth between potential buyers, seeing the earnestness with which trade is carried out and get the opportunity to participate in something very real and earthly which could lead to a career change!

One of our best locations for this experience, Armoy Livestock Market, began as a family business created in 1904 which had thrived in the locality of Cushendall, a village on the North Antrim coast. In 2010 the Market expanded and moved to a 10000 square foot location in Armoy and became the only licensed market in the area.

Because of this the Market now handles almost all the machinery and livestock sales from the immense farming community on the North Coast and is therefore a flourishing example of an Irish market.For those with a greater interest, a tour of a local farm, where you will learn about sheep and cattle raising, milking and nurturing of the environment at first hand, is a brilliant supplement to this experience.

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