Causeway Coast Discovery Centre

Bring your journey along the Causeway Coast to life

Gain an insight into some of the history and heritage of the Causeway Coast while meeting local people and experiencing authentic traditional hospitality in the local community and culture.

After a warm welcome from the McKinley family who run the centre, enjoy tea, coffee and homemade scones as you mix and mingle with the family and other locals who will join you at the centre. Delve into some of the history of the area and hear the epic story of the 16th century Gaelic chieftain, Sorley Boy McDonnell.

The knowledge gained from this will bring the castles and monuments scattered along the Causeway Coast to life and help add meaning to your onward journey. Take the short trip up into the hills behind the centre to view one of Sorley’s battle sites and be regaled by the epic encounter that occurred here in 1583. Try your hand at the traditional art of turf cutting while you are there and take in the fantastic panoramic views looking out over 5 counties of Ulster.

Back at the centre, you will have the opportunity to view the centre’s horses and sheep as well as jump into the world of Game of Thrones whose footprint is very evident in the area you are travelling through.

This experience has won an Irish tourism award for the last 4 years and is a perfect example of experiential tourism at its best.

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